What we provide

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Family Practice

Various physicians at the clinic may offer regular family medicine service at the Mediclinic. Some provide obstetrical care as well. If you wish to become a regular patient, you should discuss this with the individual physician.


No appointments are needed. Patients may check by phone to find out when their physician is working and see that physician during his/her work hours; day, evening or weekends. You may also be able to book an appointment for annual check ups, office visits, counselling or specific procedures. If you wish to see the Physicians Schedule or contact someone at the clinic, select "Schedule" located on the main screen at the top. There is also an "About" button for our location and phone number.

On Call

If your physician is off duty and you require more immediate care, services are provided by 2 or 3 other physicians on duty at the Mediclinic, who work with your doctor. When the clinic is closed patients are directed to their nearest emergency department for emergency service. If needed, the emergency department can contact your physician from the Mediclinic. You may also contact an on call physician by phoning 306-955-1530 and following instructions.

Urgent Care

Urgent care for episodic illness or minor injuries is provided by our regular family physicians. If you have a regular family physician outside the clinic, you may request a record of the nature of your illness/injury and the treatment prescribed to be forwarded to your physician. If follow up is recommended, you will generally be advised and may follow with your regular physician if you have one, or with the physician you have seen at the Mediclinic.


Referrals to specialists will be made, when appropriate, in your best interest. In emergency situations they will be made immediately. When elective, they may be done by letter, or if it is more satisfactory, you may be referred back to your own regular physician, within the clinic, or outside the clinic to discuss it further. When you have a regular physician outside the clinic, the referring doctor and the specialist will try to notify your doctor in a timely fashion of the appointment results.

Phone Calls

Whenever possible, you will be requested to come to the clinic to discuss questions with your doctor. For your safety, treatment is never prescribed by telephone. This policy includes prescription refills. Laboratory reports are also preferably discussed in person and you will usually be advised to return to the clinic to discuss lab reports. A voice manager will take other phone messages for the physician who may not return these calls until the end of his/her shift or at a break time. If the problem is urgent, it may be in your best interest to come into the clinic or go to your nearest emergency room.

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